Do I have to pay for Pre-orders in advance?

Pre-orders DO NOT require any advance booking deposit, but must be paid 5-7 days before the final release date. The amount will be automatically charged to the card linked to the order.

Can I cancel an order?

  • Only Pre-order items can be cancelled. You can manage it on MY ACCOUNT > PRE-ORDERS
  • Once a Pre-order item becomes In stock and has been already paid, it can’t be cancelled.
  • Once an order with In Stock items has already been paid for, it can’t be cancelled.

What if I receive a defective item?

We only consider a defective item the one that comes with a broken part or some other defect that does not allow its full functionality.
In this case, please contact us and we will find the best solution, such as replacement, return or refund.
We do not accept claims for minor paint imperfections, loose joints or any other cause that does not affect functionality.

Are the boxes and/or cards of the figures always in mint condition?

We do not offer any service such as “mint condition box” or “collector’s grade”.
Even so, although there may be some imperfections, or small scuffs in the packaging, we never sell products with a visibly damaged box.
In the event that the product box has damaged packaging, it will be notified in the description and its price will be reduced.

Do you guarantee that my Pre-order will arrive and will not be cancelled due to lack of stock?

This is a matter of particular concern to us and we try to be transparent and communicative at all times. We do our best to fill all of our customers’ orders, but occasionally there may be delays or shortages from the manufacturer and/or distributor. In such a case, we will fill the demand according to the date of the orders placed by each customer.
It is also possible that we receive orders in several phases or that we have to wait for a restocking of the inventory from the supplier.

Are Pre-order's launch dates accurate?

Not at all. Manufacturers give a date only as a starting point.
Sometimes they arrive a few weeks in advance, but usually the dates are accomplished or delayed several weeks.
Some brands accomplish launch dates better than others. In any case, this issue is totally out of our control.

Can I return an item just because I don't want it anymore?

Yes, you can return an item as long as certain requirements are met. Please read the Terms and Conditions for full details.

Why don't you offer PayPal as a payment option?

Mainly due to their excessive fees and commissions.

So, do you only accept credit cards? Is it safe?

Our Virtual POS (Point of Sale Terminal) is secure and certified by Stripe, one of the most reliable currently available.

Don't you have a rewards program or discount coupons?

Not currently. However, we do occasionally run campaigns and promotions on special dates, which are duly announced on our social networks. Stay tunned!